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Rollerblade Size Chart

What Size Blades or Should I Get?

Refer to the size chart to figure out your perfect Rollerblade Size.

What is Mondo Point?

Mondopoint sizing measures the length of your foot from heel to big toe in centimeters. Mondopoint sizing was developed by ski boot manufacturers and adopted by Rollerblade to provide a universal measurement for ski boots and in-line skates, to eliminate the confusion of other sizing methods, such as European and US shoe sizes. For the best Rollerblade fit make sure you put your heel against a wall and measure to your longest toe. Take that centimeter measurement and find the Mondo Point size that you fit in.

What blades do I pick for my kids?

Kids' inline skates are very easy to size as the come in size ranges and are adjustable. The Rolleblade Spitfire XT comes in an 11Y-1, 2-5, and 5-8 size ranges. It's a good idea to go a size or so larger for kids as they are not used to the snug fit of a properly fitting inline skate.Use the following chart to choose the correct size skate

Unisex skates are sized using the mens sizing, so ladies, match the size to corresponding womens size