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Oakley Trillbe Sunglasses

Always wanted to look like an 80's synth pop skiing sensation? Well then the Oakley Trillbe Sunglasses are the shades for you. A single lens keeps your eyes protected from all angles. A large array of color options allows you to get as wild or tame as you want to. These shades will help you be seen. Stand out anywhere and everywhere: on the slopes, at the park, in your mom's house, on a skyscraper, all the usual places. The Oakley Trillbe has silhouette features to keep the frame stylish and hip. We've gotten to the time and age where 80's is considered retro and rad. Time to jump on the pop day dream and get with the times. Back to the Future bringing the 80's to modern day. The three point fit of these shades removes all common pressure points. The frame is extremely light and durable making it easy all day wear. Lightweight on your ears and less likely to bend and break. The lenses are impact protected against high velocity, high mass impact. They are also UV protective against all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue rays. Style is moving forward and so should you. The latest and greatest from Oakley sunglasses, te Oakley Trillbe.

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