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Dragon Mr. Blonde Sunglasses

The Dragon Mr. Blonde is based off of the Mansfield design language and shape, but with a slightly smaller profile and fit. The Mr. Blonde also has a traditional dual lens design (as opposed to the Mansfields ballsy single lens). For someone that might be scared of the Mansfield, the Mr. Blonde will be your go-to frame. The Mr. Blonde is also available in our Performance Polar technology (and may or may not be named after a character in one of our favorite movies).

Mr. Blond has a similar design and shape to the Mansfield. This includes the same Grilamid Frame Material with a 6 Base Curve Polycarbonate Lens and a 5 Barrel Stainless Steel Hinge. All in all a fantastic pair of shades that are 100 % UV protective.

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