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Why Us - 3 Big Reasons

Why Spend Your Time and Money With Us?

There are an insane number of inline skate and longboard retailers out there. We know this, so we don't only rely on free shipping and low prices  to earn your business, we also bring a unique set of services to our customers that are unparalleled in our industry.

1. Real Customer Conversations

We have solid conversations on our Facebook and via our Instagram Community feed. We don't leave our Facebook to just lay idle and sling products all day. We have real discussions with you, the user. We post events, posts that interest us, new product lines or brands that deserves some discussion, or even a new website feature we want to test. We work hard to fuel this dialog. Everyday, we are posting on our company Facebook page and we encourage all types of discussion.

2. Our Layered Navigation

We have built an interface that is ridiculously easy to use. Users have the ability to sort/filter/search anything - quickly. Our users are drawn to beauty. It's easier to sell functionality to customers when the user experience is beautiful. Enjoy.

3. Product Curation and Relationships

We have created relationships in our product pages that just make sense. None of that computer based gobbaly-goop you see on most sites. Instead we have added a human touch and hand picked products that go together.


Keep shopping with us and you will not be disappointed. Our reviews, customer comments and feedback speak for themselves.